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Errol Andam

About Errol Andam

Errol Andam is a marketing manager and business development expert who holds years of experience within the space. For 21 years, Errol served as the manager of Nike’s North American Retail Brand Marketing division. In this role he was responsible for duties such as facilitating, designing, and managing brand and retail marketing programs in DTC stores and retail pop-ups at sporting venues for the NBA, MLB, etc. as well as for a variety of special events.

Today, Errol leverages his marketing experience to bring innovative solutions to brands at the creative experiential marketing agency he founded, 10×10 StudioLab. 10×10 is a successful creative marketing firm that specializes in bringing ideas to reality by connecting brands to the marketplace. At 10×10 StudioLab, Errol Andam assists with the creative direction of marketing campaigns with the goal of bringing sustainable results to partners’ and collaborators’ projects.

Over the course of Errol Andam’s career in marketing, he has built a reputation for his keen ability to leverage brands’ strengths to improve creative directions, grow sales, and connect with customers through innovative channels. Errol excels at collaborating with partners to ensure that campaigns are both effective and in line with their strategic goals, bringing products to the main stage in a way that generates positive word of mouth and excitement for what’s to come.

Above all else, Errol is a professional who is passionate about building communities around brands through an understanding of the diverse wants and needs of consumers and collaborators alike. Errol Andam’s decades of experience are underlined by keeping up with the latest trends and developments within the marketing industry and continuing to find ways for companies to showcase their products in an enticing and exciting manner.

Errol is Your Platform for Creative Marketing Resources and More

Errol Andam

Marketing is in a constant state of evolution to adapt to new best practices, technologies, collaborations, etc. This keeps the industry exciting and empowers marketing professionals to continue to hone their skills while pushing the boundaries of their projects to the benefit of brands and consumers alike.

Errol was created as a platform for sharing comprehensive creative marketing insights inspired by Mr. Andam’s expertise and professional experience.

Have you ever wondered what goes into innovative campaigns, exciting pop-ups, and marketing for special events? This site has you covered!

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Creative Marketing

As a professional who has been in marketing for over two decades of experience assisting with cutting-edge marketing efforts, Errol Andam has learned a thing or two about the industry in the process. Through content that explores key concepts in areas such as retail marketing, digital marketing, pop-up design/management, and much more, this site will show interested readers the work that goes into projects, examples of best practices, and insights from Errol and industry thought leaders.


Errol Andam has spent almost two decades with Nike, and in that time has become synonymous with marketing and creative direction for the brand. Readers can expect that this site will include comprehensive insights from Errol’s experiences with Nike’s marketing division, including things that he has learned through his projects, interesting examples of successful pop-ups and campaigns, trends that Nike marketing has followed through the years, etc. By including Errol’s insights and experiences with Nike, Errol hopes to break down how Nike and the world’s most successful brands tackle marketing, sales, and community building.

Professional Development

Errol Andam

Errol believes that experienced marketing leaders are in the unique position to share what they have learned through their time in the industry to help the next generation of talent refine their skills and learn the ropes. For this reason, Errol will feature professional development insights tailored to marketers that explore key concepts such as accessing learning opportunities, finding mentorship, takeaways from first projects, etc. Ever wonder what some of the industry’s top marketers have to say about professional development and reaching individual goals? Be sure to tune in to future posts!

10×10 StudioLab

As a creative marketing company that specializes in taking clients’ campaign goals and bringing them into reality, 10×10 StudioLab knows that there are many people who would like to keep up with the latest at the company and learn more about the work that Errol and the 10×10 team perform to create tailored projects for brands. With this in mind, this site will include information on 10×10 StudioLab’s approach to marketing and techniques that Errol hones through his work at the company.

Marketing/Business Development Updates

Staying up to date on the latest marketing and business development news and updates can be extremely helpful for professionals who want to innovate marketing techniques and learn from some of the biggest and best examples of successful campaigns in the present day. This is why Errol will include recent marketing and business development news, trends, and more as information becomes available, containing valuable insights for marketers, consumers, institutions, and brands.

Future Posts Inspired by Errol Andam’s Insights

Are you interested in learning more about the marketing landscape, tips and tricks, best practices, and information on key topics inspired by the insights and experiences of Errol Andam? Check out this site for frequent posts addressing recent trends, professional development, and more!